Family Reunions

Family Reunions come together with a lot of questions.  We did not do a great job of answering some of those questions, but thanks to the flexibility of our family members and their desire to make our family reunion successful, we were able to move forward in spite of not having those significant questions answered.

We needed to know who would be responsible for cooking the different meals, who or how would the menus be chosen and how activities would be determined.

This year our family was willing to share some of the meal preparation and menu decisions and in spite of some of our planning on site upon our arrival, we still changed our decisions.

We knew in advance  what some of the possible activities the area offered.  Once we arrived we found a big notebook filled with activity suggestions.  After discussion we made plans for some of the activities and others were determined upon more information becoming available.

Another factor family reunions should consider is the differences in the adult members.  Some adults are more interested in activities such as tours, etc, while others like to read, talk and laze around.  The kids are geared up to play, watch movies and have fun together.  If you bring some games and activities for all ages, they will be pretty happy from my experience.

It seems like the power of the voice determines part of these choices.   If one adult member is more interested in activities and pushes for them, it is likely that these activities will occur.  If a family member is less vocal or loud about his/her choice, it is likely that the more vocal member will steer the group in their choice direction.

In our family fortunately we had a lot of family members that were willing to embrace the suggestions of other members and to go with the flow so to speak.

We had a great week with lots of new adventures, but I am certain the reason we were successful is because of the flexibility of our family members and because the activities we did participate in were lots of fun which was a gift from God.


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