July 22, 2015

To say I am experiencing a lot of frustration is putting it mildly.  Every day that I have been home I have tried to blog and something has always prevented me from sitting down at the computer for more than two minutes.  I have been setting my clock for earlier and earlier wake up times, but that has not helped either.  Between interruptions and lots of demands on my time, my blogging has taken a back seat to other activities.

I have finally been able to get everything put away and all my bills paid and up to date.  I have also been able to make a few cookies and some bread and I have more planned.  Reading and cooking are definitely my preferred ways to ease stress.

One of the outcomes of the Family Reunion and the time I spent in Kansas is that my grandson has been asking about recipes for meals he wants to cook and my granddaughter is making little stuffed animals like the one she made from a kit as I taught her to hand sew. I am excited about this as I really believe all kids should grow up knowing how to do the basic skills that you encounter in life.  I taught her to sew on buttons and mend holes in clothes too.

I have tried to come up with a solution to my blogging dilemma.  I have decided to start with today and go forward and then backward at the same time.  I hope it works.  I guess I will know soon.

God bless you and help you with your problems.


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