August 10, 2015

It hardly seems possible that I have had so much trouble being consistent in blogging.  I miss writing every day and no matter how hard I have tried to solve the things that have interfered with my blogging, I have not been successful.

I can easily see how writers and students get frustrated and it encouraged me to be more willing to listen and to attempt to help them solve their problems in being consistent in their writing.

I will say that we have been busy.  My sister in law and I have had all manner of luncheons and dinners for friends here in Cordova.  That has necessitated a lot of trips to the grocery store, cooking, preparing ingredients to cook and cleaning and clutter clearing.  All of this takes time and once August rolled around it was time to go back to work at the college for me and then came VBS which put a crimp in our schedule.

My sister in law has been busy clearning alot of my clutter and I am beginning to wonder if there are enough days in the month to accomplish all she wants to do.  I hope so.

I do want her to return to her home in California and feel that she was able to do all the things she planned to do before she got here.

I do confess that I have watched a lot of TV when I usually watch none.  However, in my defense I have knitted a lot too.  I am making a lavender cowl she wanted and I am using some of her yarn that gave her troubles to make a scarf for her.  The other yarn has no destination yet, but I am sure to find one eventually.

I do know from experience that you cannot knit something complicated when you watch TV or you will end up making a lot of mistakes.

Aw, well.  Live and learn I say.

God bless you.


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