Lititz, PA III

My daughter in law found a big attraction that we went to Wednesday.  It was the Turkey Hill experience and it really was an experience.  Turkey Hill is an ice cream manufacturer.  They do have a sideline of drinks which was part of the experience too.

You could have cups of every drink they make and as often as you wanted.  They had teas, some coffees and juices.  All the ones I tried were very tasty.

They also had an ice cream tasting station with 6 different flavors at a time.  They changed these out at least three times while we were there.  You could go to this experience as many times as you wanted.

They had a spot for making a commercial about ice cream, another station for designing an ice cream label and still others which the kids found fascinating.

We paid to learn to make our own ice cream which was very interesting.  This included instruction and information as well as the opportunity to create your own individual ice cream.  Everyone started with a pint of vanilla and then each person put in flavor, add ons like candy, etc. and an infusion like chocolate sauce, marshmallow, pineapple, etc.  Then the pints were collected and put in the hardener which is a blast freezer.  The only problem was that the guy who was helping the teacher somehow turned the machine to defrost and when we got our pints back they were melting.  They were very interesting and everyone enjoyed theirs.  One of my grandsons finished his completely, half of minehalf,  of some one else’s and bites from others and he still went back for the tasting experience.  He should have been really full of ice cream when we left, but I actually think he could have eaten more.

We did get a silly group picture of everyone in an ice cream container which was a fun ending to the Turkey Hill experience.

I hope your summer has included a few fun experiences too.

God bless you.




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