Lititz, PA IV

We split up our adventure a little because my daughter and her family had already visited Hershey Park.  My son and his family along with my sister in law and me went to the chocolate tasting experience and we met up with my daughter and family later.

The chocolate tasting experience was very interesting.  We learned a lot of information about chocolate and then we were given a bag with different chocolate samples in it.  First we had to smell, then listen, then taste the chocolate.  THey are very different and interesting.  We had to decide what we thought were the different ingredients and then we were told what the actual ingredients were at the close of each piece of chocolate.  It was interesting to see how differently people viewed the actual chocolate.  We had water to cleanse our palates between bites and the experience was very informative.

We met up and went on a trolley ride around the entire community of Hershey.  It was very interesting and a lot of fun.  The leader was a young woman who sang and got everyone to join in and her counterpart was a man who kept getting off the trolley and reappearing later as a different person in different clothes.  It was a lot of fun.

At the close of this experience we went back in the big Hershey building and took a ride through a set up like the actual way chocolates are produced.

Then my son and his wife, my oldest granddaughter, my sister in law and I went to meet with our financial planner for lunch and my daughter and her husband and all the kids when to eat and then on to the historic site of Jams Buchanan.  Everyone had a good time in their group and we all agreed it was a great day.  We met up back in LItitz for dinner at the place we were staying.

It was a busy day.  Our group saw a replica of the statue of liberty in the middle of the Susquehanna River which was surprising.

I was thankful for another interesting day and the fact that everyone had a good time.

God bless you.


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