Lititz, PA Photo time

My one and only big request at Family Reunions is family pictures.  Everyone seems to realize that this is a big deal to me and they are pretty cooperative.  We always get matching t shirts and this year I even was able to get some women’s which added to the event.

I took Sarah and Zoe outside and tried out various backgrounds and made my choice.  Then I did fmaily groups and finally the whole group.  Everyone insisted I get in the photo, so I did and then we did one just like it with my sister i law.

The photos did take awhile, but everyone was pretty cooperative and that was a big help.

Once I got home I scrap-booked them and sent them off.  I know the one to my kids have arrived and I presume the others are on the way from what I can tell from PO tracking.  At least it is pretty reliable.

I tried to make each scrapbook specific to that family and mine has everything of course.  I enjoy doing this and it helps when you want to share some of your experiences.

One thing of interest is how long each book took to arrive at its destination.  They do travel around quite a bit before landing at their final destination.

I am thankful I was able to do this and to share the photos around our family.

God bless you.


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