July 11-16, 2015

Our time in Virginia turned out much differently than I had thought it would be.

My sister in law expressed an interest in seeing the home of Thomas Jefferson but since it involves at least four hours of travel both ways, we decided not to go there.  We did visit the Pope-Leighey house which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  We did visit there and had our own guided tour since no one else came to join our group.  It was very interesting and we saw lots of small details of Frank Lloyd Wright’s design genius during our tour.  We also saw a bit of Woodlawn while we were there too.

We had my son in law’s old car available to us for transportation while we were in Virginia which was nice.

I did a few errands for my daughter and helped her a bit in the kitchen, but there seemed to be too much going on for my sister in law to be really comfortable so we left and went back to the hotel immediately after dinner.

My youngest granddaughter loved spending time with her aunt and this seemed to really please my sister in law.  I was glad we did plan to stay in Virginia after the reunion.

One nice thing my sister in law started when we got together was reading a devotion and the Bible in the mornings and the Bible in the evenings.  It was nice and seemed to be especially helpful to her.

I am thankful we had this time together and I pray that it was a blessing and an encouragement for my sister in law.

I pray your summer days are encouraging to you too.

God bless you.


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