August 12, 2015


I am continually blessed by the way God works things out in my life.  I changed the dates of VBS because all of my leaders were available one week and not the others in August.  I was happy to see six junior high-high school girls come to be helpers the first day.  They told me they would be there for a short time, but then they had a big Girl Scout activity planned which took them away for two days.  I mentally started to think of kids I could call to take their place and I came up with a partial list in my head.  When I got home I had a message telling me they would all be there as the trip was put off for a day.

I breathed a sigh of relief and made a treat bag for them the next morning.  When they arrived they told me the trip was postponed until just before school starts which is weeks away and I thanked them and God.

The next day one of the girls told me she would miss the last day due to a dentist appointment.  Lo and behold the last day arrived and she was there.  When I asked if her appointment was cancelled she tole me she changed the date so she could come to VBS.

WOW!  God is so good.  I had all the helpers I needed every day and God blessed me with a full staff of leaders and helpers and the kids responded to their leadership in a very positive way.  The helpers got right into the spirit of VBS, singing the songs, using actions with them and paying good attention to each class.

I am so very thankful and so blessed by the wonderful way in which Jesus answers our need before we even express them.  Praise the Lord.

God bless you.  I hope you have experience like this too.


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