August 20, 2015

Tomorrow is the big day–our donut production will be upon us.

I think I remember all of the steps and a search through Google confirmed that I was pretty knowledgeable which is a blessing.  I found a site offering tips for making cake donuts and a brief glance through it shows that my memory is on spot.

I still need to check out the actual donut machine, and I plan to do that tonight after I get off work.  I also need to find our old scale so I can weigh the dry mix.  Temperatures are very important and I will try to keep everyone appraised of these.  There are definite problems with too warm or too cold temperatures.

I am hopeful that my donut making crew which consists of people who have made donuts in the past will remember how important temperature is and follow the directions accordingly.  It should be easy enough to get up to speed I think.

This is a truly a case of time will tell.  More tomorrow………..

God bless you.


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