August 22, 2015

After 14 hours of donut making yesterday I came home, took a really hot shower and fell into bed.  I was really tired.

I am afraid that donut making brought out all my worst personality traits.  I was bossy, I repeated myself a lot, I gave opinions and I talked too much.  I told the others in the kitchen this was likely.

I did have to text my son a few times, but overall I remembered how to make donuts and how to solve problems as they arose.

We ended up making 150 dozen which is a huge amount.  Of these only 22 dozen were old fashioned and that is probably a good thing as we never did get them just right.  I was able to figure out the problems with the regular cake donut pretty early on and once I convinced the guy using the donut dropper to put the maximum number (16) in the fryer each time, we made good progress.  He started with three and then six and then nine.  It was hard to convince him to speed up, but I nagged him into it and then we make good headway on the orders.

We discovered a few errors today as we handed them out.  I am sure the people putting the donuts into the boxes in the big room just didn’t read them right and tonight a friend told me one helper in particular had bad eyesight and when you realize the order was written with green pencil on yellow paper, it is no wonder there was an error.  I see how to prevent that next time.

I tried searching online for tips on making old fashioned cake donuts but did not find any help.  I tried emalling the place where I got the other tips and I hope to get a reply from them next week.

Everyone is eager for us to have another sale soon,so I am guessing I will need to solve this problem now.

It was a good event and we also sold most of the stuff at the silent auction which will add to the money made.  The total needed for the rest of the adoption is $12,000 so we will need to keep making donuts I think to meet the goal.

It is amazing how much money it takes to adopt a child from overseas.  I don’t think most people realize this.  I knew it was expensive, but I never realized it was so costly.  And this is the end of the journey.  The pastor and his wife have already paid many, many thousands of dollars.  I think the number is around $30,000.

I am thankful things went so well and that in spite of my personality traits that need to be contained, no one really was upset.  God is certainly good.

I pray God is blessing you too.


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