Blessings, blessings, blessings

What started as a typical Sunday turned into something much more.

As we were getting ready to dismiss the children from Sunday School, someone said we all needed to go upstairs.  The kids followed the leader and I brought up the rear of the line.  The kids all went up on the platform holding up their puppets which we had used to reenact stories from Daniel.  Pastor Charley came up to me and I said something about the kids and their puppets and then he said he wanted to pray and say something.

He put his arm around my shoulder and prayed for me and then he told the congregation that I was very special and meant a lot to the church and that they wanted to honor me.  He gave me a white sack and told me I had a lot of reading to do and then he led me to the coffee hour room where there was a huge Diane Ujioka key lime sheet cake.  There was also a smaller chocolate bundt cake.  The pastor’s wife proceeded to cut the cake and gave me a piece and everyone started talking and telling me how special I was.

It was completely unexpected and I was totally surprised.  I felt very blessed and honored.

After coffee hour I went to the hospital to knit and once I got home I began to open the cards in the white bag.  Each card was a note from someone in the congregation today speaking something to me directly from them.  Even the kids in the service had written me a note and also the newcomers.

It was very humbling and a huge blessing to me.   I felt affirmed and honored.

I had had some personality traits pointed out to me earlier, not by folks at church, that I have tried to find a way to correct, but I had come to the conclusion that I am a little old to try to change myself.  Now this is not to say that I am above being corrected or able to change, but some of these traits are pretty  much my personality and I am not dead certain I can actually change myself completely.  I also read a reminder that we are who God makes us and he loves us and wants us to know just how right we are.  I guess it is a fine line between accepting yourself the way you are and being to really work on a character trait that God would like to see changed.

I think I was thinking wholesale change and I now think what God wants is just small changes if I see something that disagrees with his word.  That I can work on.

At any rate, I feel love and honored and blessed beyond measure and I will re-read those affirmations and be reminded that God loves me completely.

I pray you have that experience too.


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