Putting things into perspective

In the last few days I have heard about two women who are really suffering from health problems.  I had been thinking a lot about the increase in pain I have been having from my scoliosis, but with this information I have been reconsidering my thoughts.  I think that having pain is nothing compared with the cobalt poisoning of one woman and the sepsis (blood infection) of the other.  What is a little pain compared with these life threatening problems.

This is not the first time I have had thoughts like this, but I do confess that I haven’t had them in a while and I needed to have them to put things into perspective for myself.  It is so easy to let yourself become wrapped up in your own circumstances and to lose sight of the bigger issues around us.

At work, a colleague is worrying about changes that appear to be on the horizon and I keep trying to encourage her to let go and stop worrying.  I fear I have not been successful, but I truly want to be.  These same changes may results in big differences for us here in Cordova, but it appears to be useless to worry and especially when I have done all I can to try to make those in charge understand the problems inherent in these changes.  Now all I can do is be ready for the future as best as possible and content myself with the knowledge that God is standing beside me.  It will do me no good to fret or to worry.

I think we all do best when we stop worrying and let God be in charge.  It is hopeless to fret and it doesn’t fix anything.  Worrying and fretting is so easy to fall into.  Feeling sorry for yourself is so easy to succumb to. The key is to trust God and let him be truly in charge.  It saves energy and truly brings the best results.

Try it and you will find you agree.

God bless you.


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