The Wonder of Technology

I know I have extolled the virtues and sometimes not so wonderful aspects of technology, but all in all I have to think the virtues far outweigh the disadvantages.

Our pastor and his family are currently in Taiwan where they are meeting the young child they are adopting and will soon be bringing home to Cordova.

Each morning I get an update about what they have done the previous day and how things are going with   their “new” son and their family.

I am able to forward it to all the folks on the prayer chain and I know it is a blessing to them just as it is to me since we are all invovled in this special event in one way or another.

We have been praying non stop about this for months on end.  We have been giving and fund raising to see the adoption through to completion and we have been hearing comments about the homestudy, the lalest Skype conversation, the needs and trials and tribulations, the joys and praises of everything associated with the adoption.

Now to be able to share just hours after the events have occurred makes it even more special. And on Friday we will all see photos for the first time.  They are not allowed to be posted online yet, but on Friday we will see their new son with their family and be able to share with them in this joyous event.

In the meantime we are thankful for emails, for messages and for the ability to forward these to all those in our prayer wheel and to share in the events in Taiwan each and every day.

Technology is wonderful.


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