September 20, 2015: Bats

I was lying quietly in my bed reading before I went to sleep when suddenly I saw a black shape flying around the room.  I thought it might be a bird, but I quickly decided it was a bat.  I was a little spooked so I went down to my kitchen and phoned my renter below me.  She is a good friend and she came upstairs with her company and we all looked in every room upstairs and could see nothing.  I am sure they thought I was the batty one (they later admitted this to me). So they left and I went to bed.

I quickly turned off the light and lay perfectly still.  Soon I heard a little squeak.  The I heard a sound like the flutter of wings.  It was near my bed.  Then the flutter of wings sounded again a little further away.  I opened my eyes and soon saw the bat zooming around the room.  I used my cell phone under the covers to call my renter and ask for advice.  She and her friend came up and when we turned on the light, sure enough the bat was at the top of the window curtain.  Black shows up well on very light blue.

THe friend had a broom which she brandished.  My friend had a huge towel which she used.  Eventually they stunned the bat and she was able to scoop him up and throw him out the window which they quickly closed.

It was more than a little freaky especially since I am not very fond of birds flying close to me.  I didn’t like it.  My renter’s friend told her I wasn’t as afraid as I thought because if it had been her mother, she would have been standing on the bed screaming at the top of her voice and trying to hit it with something.

I was never screaming, but my heart was pounding.

I am so glad for friends who come to your aid in time of need.

Now I just hope not to have a repeat occurrence tonight.

God bless you.


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