September 21, 2015

A friedn encouraged me to take a knitting class for using 2 colors and since it was a one time thing I decided to do it.  The woman at the knitting shop assured me that I could finish the project in the two hour class.  I was a little dubious, but I enrolled any way.

At the class we did indeed learn to knit with two colors and I made some progress.  Others made twice as much progress, but even the fastest knitter among the eight women did not finish the project.

Actually I was not surprised.  It was rather complex and for a beginner which most of us were using two colors, there were tricks to observe and skills to learn.  It is definitely doable and is something I can finish before Christmas.

I began to wonder if the owner of the shop was trying to encourage prospective class participants with her assurance that we could indeed finish the project in two hours.  Even the instructor agreed we would not be able to reach that lofty goal.  I admit finishing a project in two hoursj was desirable and made me more interested in the class, but I think I would have enrolled in any event just to learn the proper techniques involved.

Thinking ab out it I wonder if it was just a matter of simple exaggeration.  I know this is a problem I oftentimes struggle with.  It is not even a conscious thing, I think it is more of a habit.  I think I want to make a point or to encourage a person and I use exaggeration to do it.  I have been trying to watch myself in this regard and say only what is actually true.  But since I know this is a problem for me, I see it in others.

It is intereting to observe the consequence of exaggeration when it was someone else making the claim.  It makes me want to work even harder on this tendency of mine and to use words only as they convey the truth and avoid those that make claims that go beyond the truth.

I pray that you will not experience this problem.

God bless you.


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