Fretting and Worry

This last week I took the school pictures for the kids in our district as well as those for the preschool.  All in all I took about a 1000 pictures.  Naturally we do not have that many kids, but y0u have to take a lot of some kids to get a good expression and I always take many of each senior and let them pick their favorite for the yearbook.  Plus, there are families to factor in so it is a lot of pictures.

I had two technical problems.  The first one I got a little help in solving and the second was just like it, but I managed to solve it by myself.  I remember right after my husband died I took school pictures and when something went wrong I felt frantic.  He had always been the one to solve the technical problems and I just focused on the expression and the pose.  Now that he is in heaven I have to solve most of my problems by myself.  THere are times when I can call the IT guy from the college and get help, but I was thankful that this year I did not feel frantic even when the problem occurred and I was OK trying to solve it by myself.  That is a indeed a huge blessing.

Obviously it does no good to be frantic, but I confess that it was my typical response in the past.  Now, I try to think it through and see if I can come up with a solution based on other problems in the past.  This year I had to use a new software to capture the problems into my computer and that was where my problem occurred.  My old software did not work so I had to use the newer one.  It actually worked quite well and I like it.  In many ways it is better, but it is not without some degree of learning and that was part of the problem.  The other part was the fact that the camera could not keep up with the speed of the picture taking.  This usually does not happen, but I realize that I need to be aware of this and take it into consideration.

I am thankful that I was able to be patient and demonstrate trust rather than wringing my hands and feeling frantic.

God is so good.  God bless you.


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