Double elimination tourneys

I was a little surprised when I got to church this morning to learn that our varsity girls had won the volleyball tournament.  I did see them play all the games and in the championship round they lost both games to their opponent which made me think they had lost.  Then they played a single game to 30 which they won.  I left just before they awarded the trophies or I would have known last night that they were the champions.  I just never understood a double elimination tourney before.

The Athletic Director was at  church and he explained it to me and I think I understand it, but it does seem a little odd to me.  I am sure the girls are happy and they did play well until those two games.  I know everyone has off days and it just seemed to me like all of our players were have a rather off night.  They weren’t off the entire game, but there were definite moments and it seemed obvious to me.  It was interesting to me that they were able to pull it together in the final game, but I guess that is all that counts.

Sports is so interesting.  One team can be up and appear to be winning and then suddenly the other team is ahead.  It really all boils down to just a few minutes.  The games were real nail-biters and basically I don’t like that type of game, but I know the crowds love them and the kids were super charged up about the entire evening.  They even organized an impromptu cheering section which was loud and active.  I am sure it made the girls excited.

Well, you learn something new every day and today this type of tourney was my new fact.

God bless you.


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