We have twins in SUnday School and they just turned 2 last week.  One of them is carefree and into everything.  The other is a little clingy for mom and a little teary.  He reminds me so much of my daughter when she was little.

The first few times in Sunday School she was very weepy.  I wanted to get her and her dad made me let her cry it out.  The third SUnday she cried when she had to leave Sunday School, not when she went.

This little guy is just like she was.  He is over the tears and having a good time and only weepy at the end which reminds me so much of my own daughter.

I wonder how many other kids are like this and if parents could just trust that it will turn out all right.  This little guy’s mom is pretty trusting.  She doesn’t come to check and she let him go this morning without tagging along which was great.  She is having another set of twins in March and she knows that one of them is another boy.  She has been hoping for a boy and a girl.  It will be interesting to see what sex the other baby is.  They couldn’t see to tell when she went for her ultrasound.  She thinks it will be another boy.  Wow.  She is going to have her hands full.  We need to organize meals and help for her for awhile.

God bless you all.

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