Learning Curves

It seems like there is a learning curve to most everything these days.

We have been working on the school picture order and the software is becoming more familiar, but it definitely takes a lot of work getting up to speed.  Of course part of this is that school pictures only come around once a year and even when you add in retakes and missing students days that still limits how many times you use the software.

This seems to be true of much of life.  Last night my cell phone suddenly had no service and I could not use it to call or text.  Since my regular house phone doesn’t work consistently, I rely on my cell phone a lot.

I remembered a friend fixing it when it totally died once not long ago, so I started looking on the Internet and read three articles.  Then I decided to try to fix it myself.  I was pleased to find my fix had worked and I suddenly had service again.

Maybe it is getting ready to stop altogether, but a student who is very with it technologically told me that he thinks it is just problems at the wireless company and not the phone.  I am sure only time will tell, but I hope it keeps working.

At any rate, I have learned not to become really frantic or frustrated when I have problems since I know that eventually I will figure it out either with or without help.




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