Contact Lenses

Long, long ago I got my first contact lenses when I was 21 before I was married.  I remember marveling at how wonderfully I could see and being amazed how sharp and clear things were.

Many, many years later, the doctor suggested I have my lenses changed to monovision meaning that one lens was for nearsight and one was for far.  I had just begun needing reading glasses over my lenses and this was his solution.  I wore thoe lenses for years and years.

A couple of years ago my lenses started to bother my eyes.  I could still see well, but my eyes just weren’t comfortable.

We do not have any eye doctors here andt he only time I did see an eye doc in Cordova I wasn’t very satisfied.

I saw someone different today.  I am now wearing soft lenses and things are a little blurry.  It is not my exact prescription, but I can see.  I will get the correct pair in two weeks. The doc said my brain mostly remembers the monovision and he thinks it will adjust to these lenses quickly.  I have been wearing my glasses, but he did not think I could get my visin corrected as well with glasses so I am trying the soft lenses.  They are comfortable, but I am hoping the fuzziness clears up soon.  I also hope I adjust to taking them out Which is a little difficult and putting them in.

There is always something new to learn I have found.

God bless you.


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