Contact Lenses: Revisited

Soft lenses are definitely different from hard ones.  One popped right out and one was a little more tricky, But I did discover that using the mirror and light in my bedroom is much easier than the light over my sink which just seems too bright.

I am hopeful these lenses will help me see bttter.  I have caught myself closing my far sighted eye often to be able to read and this is the lens that was correted yesterday.  The doctor also gave me a lens with astigmatism correctiion for this eye which should help.  I have known since I first started to wear contacts that they correct for astigmatism.  It is weighted so it rides in the right spot on the eye which is strange.  I can’t feel the weight but I did notice that it moved around after I put it in my eye.

Thankfully I am not squeamish about putting my finger in my eye.  I have seen people who have trouble with this and it makes wearing contacts difficult.

I think I am going to get myself a pair of reading glasses which should also help.  The ones I have are not qiute right.

Aw, well, I have a six month supply coming in the mail so I will know soon if this is a good choice for me at this time in my life.  So far so good.

God bless you.

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