Blog time

As I started to write, I suddenly thought about all the years I used to have the kids in language arts and English write in their journals and even learning logs as we used to call them.  In some ways a blog is very similar.  You sit down and most of the time you just write whatever comes to you.  Sometimes you do plot it out, but not very often.

Today it is pouring rain, but it has still been a nice day.  lt seems to make the air in the college appear cooler than it actually is.  Our temperature gauge tells us that it is typically in the high seventies or low eighties so any change or even perceived change is nice.

Today is one of those days when I had a clear insight that came to me in a flash.  I have been talking with a friend who has been having some trials and tribulations which have seemed to me  to be a problem that is relatively easily solved.  I have given this person counsel (uninvited I am sad to say), but he has not heeded it.  Today I felt so frustrated by his desire to continue in a situation that seems bound for problems.

My insight came when I realized that I am trying to make this person follow my advice which I have perceived as the real solution to his problems.  He is not inclined to do this which seems to me to be a poor decision.  I realized that I cannot live his life and determine for him what to do. He has to make those decisions for himself.  At first I just felt horribly frustrated by this, but I realize that I need to step back and stop this behavior and let him make his own decisions regardless of what I feel.

Actually this is a freeing decision since I am not responsible for his choices.

I wonder if others do this.

God bless you.


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