Anti-Bullying Campaign

We had a huge anti bullying campaign yesterday with everyone wearing orange and participating in a big assembly.  Then we took a photo of the whole school together holding up the orange chain and a big sign.  It went off pretty smoothly and it seemed to please the organizers.  The IT guy and I were asked to take photographs and they turned out well.  One is on Facebook and another went to the school board association.

The few people who did not wear orange or had just a slight amount on their chothes really showed up  the photo.  There were even people from town and a few school board members and parents who came.

My Sociology class did a surveya few years ago and they found that the biggest amount of bullying occurred in Junior High.  My students this year who are mostly juniors and seniors think that this is still true.

Now the big issue is cyberbullying which is being discussed in meetings this week.  I am going to one of them tonight so I will know more about it.

There is no doubt that media has really changed our world and I don’t think the kids realize the dangers and problems that come from the media.  Apparently from what I have read, prospective employees can expect their employers to check their Facebook pages, etc.  I am always cautioning the kids not to write things that can have repercussions or big consequences.  I can onlyu hope they are listening to me.

I pray your day is going well.




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