Finding my way

After my expreience in finding my way in the new City Center I started thinking about how we as Christians find our way in life.  Do we navigate the twist and turns based only on what we see?  Do we rely on the advice of friends? Or do we turn to the one true guide in life-our Lord?

I know it is easy to turn to others or to try to find our way by sight, but I also know in my heart and my mind that when I turn to Jesus I do not stumble.

I do start my day with time in the word and I even write myself reminders on my mind map and in my phone, but that is not really enough.  I have to stop throughout the day and remind myself of the truths I know are accurate.  I have to force my thinking to whatever is pure, lovely, honorable, just, gracious, virtuous, excellent, and worthy of praise and reverence.

Once I do that my spirit is calm and I can continue to move forward in a way that brings the attention away from me and to Jesus.  It helps me to truly find my way in this world which seems so chaotic at times.

I hope you can find your way through the maze that the world presents us.


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