October 23, 2015

Last night I wnt to a talk about Cyber-bullying.  It was very interesting and I learned a lot.  One of the things I learned wa that I knew a lot.  I had been telling some of this to my students and they questioned my knowledge.

Now granted, I might not have known as much if I hadn’t had to read a book about this for one of my classes in sociology, but I felt pretty confident in what I told the students and now I feel even more certain.

When you consider all of the things he talked about–Internet security, cell phones, computer security as well as a host of other topics, it is amazing how rapidly our world is growing and how little we actually know about all the changes taking place.

I realized that I did not even do some of the simplest things to be secure and I did know about them.  You should put a passcode on your cell phone.  It is simple to do, but a lot of us don’t do it.  Don’t use 1 2 3 4 as that is the most used code in the world.  Pick something more complex.

I know I am going to pay more attention to the simple things and listen better.  I need to set a good example and make my own self more secure.

God bless you in your attempts to learn about this topic.



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