Do you have get up and go?  I think the new principal at our high school definitely has it.  He is rearranging the library and turning it into a media room.  Saturday he had the entire basketball team and coaches helping him and they were  moving books and shelves and working in a line as fast as you can imagine.  Today the IT guys are scoping out the ceiling and wiring and trying to figure out what to do.

I am expecting the project to be done soon.  He is definitely one of those mover and shaker kinds of persons.  I have often wondered why some people are like this and others aren’t.  He is a high energy person which helps I am sure, but I think it is more than that.  He has a goal and a purpose and he is determined to reach that goal.  He is not deterred by obstacles and keeps right moving toward his goal.  He finds a solution to any problem that confronts him.

He is a great example of reaching his destination.  I wish more people were like him.  Hopefully they can learn from his example.

I think I have that drive and I know I am not deterred by obstacles.  To me they just represent a problem that needs a solution and I keep moving toward that final goal.

I am glad he is setting such a great example for the students.  They really need that.

I pray God is sending people like our principal into your life to inspire you.


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