Catching up

I am so sorry I have been so negligent in blogging.  I had to travel to Wasilla to take a Liaison FEMA traning class.  The class was not so long, but going almost anywhere from Cordova entails several days of travel and this was no exception.

Then my Sociology class helped the principal move almost all the books in the libraay to another location.  Since I had a lot of students we were able to form a chain line and move them rather quickly.  The room is being turned into a media center and it is totally open now.  There are some books in shelves along the wall , but no stacks.  It is very different,b ut is meeting with a lot of student approval.  There is a seating area and a conference table.

My English class had to get ready to give testimony to the Alaska State Department of Transportation which wants to curtain ferry service to us for 8 months a year.  Corova had the most call ins and the student did a great job.

Between being a little tired from the work involved in all of these activities and no access to a computer, I am truly behind on blogging.

At any rate, I hope to be fully on board now and moving along better and most consistently.

God bless you all.


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