I just can’t figure it out…..

I can’t figure out why some people doubt so many things.  I was told that there are more than one type of flu shots, some for kids, some for people under 65 and others for people over 65.  Apparently the supply in Cordova is presently limited to those 65 and under.  But some people think this is just not the case.  I guess I tend to be like a kid.  I do not doubt the things I am told.  Now I admit I may doubt over time if things do not fulfill what I was told originally, but at the first I tend to believe.

Overall I have never been a big doubter.  I guess maybe it is the genes.  I think some people just tend to automatically doubt and others just don’t.  I can explain it and I can’t figure it out, but I think it is true that for some trust comes more easily than it does for others.

I do pray for those who struggle with trust even in the little daily things.  It keeps them from having as much happiness and peace.


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