This week is the community’s big Sobriety Celebration with people coming from all over Alaska.  It is also Senior night for the girls on the Volleyball team.  However, the girls will have to play in the grade school gym rather than the high school gym which means that the crowd will have to be smaller.  I can see why the girls are upset.  Of course in the big scheme of things this is not a big deal, but it is easy to see how the kids react when it is so big in their life at the present.

Maybe it takes being older to get things in perspective.  I tend to think so.

Getting things in perspective is something we all need to work on I think.  It helps to keep worry, stress, and constant fretting at bay.  I work hard to keep things in perspective and to remind myself that whatever it is cannot be the worst thing in the world.

My husband used to ask me what is the worst thing that can happen in situations when I was upset and when I analyzed it, the worst thing was never that terrible.  I use this technique with others all the time.  It is a great help.

So perspective is the key I believe and I work to keep it in mind all the time.

I hope you will try it as well.

God bless you.


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