People watching

Today I shared a table at the Sobriety Celebration with the woman representing the fisheries program from Southeast.  We had a lot of people come by our table and at slow points she commented that she liked people watching and we had a great spot for it.

We did talk to a lot of people and we had an opportunity to share with them, but there was also a lot of time for people watching.  I think she found this a bit more fascinating than I did as she asked me a lot of questions about different people.  Since so many were visitors I did not know all of them either, but of course I did know the Cordovans and even some of the visitor who had been to Cordova previously.  It was a lot of fun and very interesting.

There were the moms with little children, the moms with babies, the men obviously trying to hurry the moms along, all of the teenagers and the senior citizens and many who were just strolling along the halls back and forth.

It was interesting to see how many people just hurried by us and all of the other tables and did that repeatedly.  THere were people who stopped at every table and talked and others who said nothing to anyone.

I wonder what make some of us so hurried and others so relaxed.  Maybe it is their approach to life.  It is certianly worth considering as I think the hurried approach goes against what Jesus teaches in the New testament.  We need to live a life that is more relaxed and open to change and to social interaction rather than be hurried and urgent all the time.  That way we can be open to the still small voice of Jesus and find the peace we all crave so much.

God bless you as you try to slow down.


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