Helpful hints

I have been working on making composites of school pictures for the class pictures.  My intent was to create something that included everyone which is always hard when you try to just take a class photo.

Well, I discovered one girl was missing in the third grade and I am guessing she must have been absent both times I was there.  But I have a plan to get her photo and include her.

The helpful hint comes from the Internet which is not a big surprise.  I wanted to add some special effects to each photo and I tried all kinds of ideas unsuccessfully when I suddenly remember seeing a tutorial about duplicating a layer.  It was only 10 minutes long so I watched until I saw that spot.  It was not exactlyl what I needed, but then I knew what to look for in the Internet and in just a few clicks I had my answer.  I gave it try and was successful.  All it took was a push of a key and a click and I was able to duplicate the effect I wanted easily and make it look good.

I shouldn’t be surprised that I could get the answer so easily.  It does take being able to know what to look for which was my initial problem.  I need a few lessons in Internet searching, but I can probably solve that problem by ashing a kid which I will do.

It was a successful day in terms of that project.  Now I just need to make each class and I’ll be finished.

God bless you and give you successful days.


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