I am Mac challenged…..

I am truly Mac challenged.  I am so used to the PC that when I use the Mac at school, there are times when it is an uphill battle.

First off, I am not so hot at the mouse pad.  I use a mouse to help with that difficulty.

I use it primarily when I have to do Photoshop and that is where the issue arises.  I have problems when I try to take the flash drive and/or card from the camera out of the computer.  I know how to safely eject it on a PC, but in spite of lots of tries I am not very good at doing it on the MAC.  Actually today I did if for the first time.

I was even able to do a Photoshop action that I needed for the school yearbook.  Yesterday I tried again and again and was unsuccessful.  Maybe I was stressed or maybe I was not focused enough.  I do not know what made it so difficult for me, but it was.

Whew….I am thankful I was able to accomplish this task.




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