Making dolls

Today was the first day of our doll making class.  I am learning to make an authentic Alaska Native doll and it is very interesting.

We started by making the body and I was surprised how important all the body parts were.  I thought that since the clothing hangs down from the shoulder that the body parts would not be so important, but I was very wrong.

We had to make the actual muscles in the arms and legs and add a bottom to the doll and her bust and waist.  After we made the boots we had to add toes to the foot to show which one was right and which one was left.  The mittens need thumbs and all of these parts had to conform to a particular pattern which was mostly in our heads.

While our class was going on, another class was held in the lower classroom of the new City Center.  These folks were learning salmon skin tanning and they made a huge basket from salmon skins once they cleaning and readied the skins.  Ultimately they had to sew the skins together and then add beads if desired.

Their teacher showed some of her work and commented that one basket in particular which was more of an oval shape and did not have the more rigid structure would sell for $3000.  I confess I was a little surprised.  I knew they were expensive, but not that expensive.

We ended the day with homework–making the doll’s dress.  Since I am going to miss the morning class when I go to church and teach the children, I have to have mine even further along.

I hope you had a good day too.  God bless you.


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