It’s almost Thanksgiving

I thought we might get out of school early today since it has happened in the past, but that did not occur.  Actually the kids were not as antsy as I expected them to be.

I showed them a Dude Perfect video sponsored by Nike of a Snowy Day Battle.  I heard about it from the mother of a guy who works for Nike that I used to have in school.  I thought it pertained to our socialization unit and how a group can socialize a person.  I was surprised that some of the kids got it immediately while others did not see the connection.

Another great point the video makes that is totally unstated is how much fun you can have without drugs or alcohol.  I am not sure anyone got that and I did not point it out since I am going to use other Dude Perfect videos when we get to that topic.

Truly these guys are crazy in a sense, but they have so much fun it seems contagious to me.  At the high school age not everyone will express their opinion on many topics.  If it was Junior High I would have gotten a different response.  It is interesting how different they are at times.

I am thankful for a good day and for the coming vacation days as well.

God bless you.


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