Jesus, nature, good thoughts or a higher power

I have been upset lately by people refering to having good thoughts for someone who is critically ill.  Others tell me surely people believe in nature or a higher power.  Now, they may not really be refering to something other than Jesus, but it seems so to me.

Today I even said to a colleague that the need was for belief in Jesus not having a higher power or thoughts about nature, but I am not sure my comments fell on receptive ears.  This is disturbing to me becuase it seems to me that these comment reveal that the person uttering the comment seems to be missing the mark which is Jesus.

It is hard for me to imagine facing a life threating illness and not having Jesus to lean on.  I can’t fathom not knowing Jesus, but obviously I have known him quite a long time.  I want everyone to be able to trust in him and I long for those who do not know him to find faith.  I pray for this all the time for those who need him so desparately.

I am sure others feel the same way and I know this is the prayer request of others too.  I need to double up my prayers for them.

God bless you as you pray for others.


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