Advent musings…

Tomorrow we will have our annual Christian Center bazaar which is sure to be wonderful and successful.  We have received lots of items from people all over the United States and there is a lot of love and creativity in these gifts.

I am excited to see Cordovans come shopping and hope they buy a lot.   The bazaar used to take a lot of time because the women priced every item.  Now we follow the “Let’s make a deal” concept and no pricing is necessary.  This cuts down on the work and makes it less of a chore which is a blessing.

The other event tomorrow is the Advent Celebration.  We are beginning with a chili supper and then we will construct the advent logs with candles and deacorations.  I had a friend buy the candles and things we needed when she was in Anchorage not long ago and another friend gave me the logs to use.

I have the booklet of devotions ready to hand out and I am hopeful lots of people will come and enjoy this special time together. I love Advent and I have planned many activities in the past and it is good to see us have a new one this year.  I hope it is a blessing to those who come and that it will be a special time in their preparation for Christmas.

God bless you as you celebrate Advent.


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