Work harder…..

I can clearly see that I need to work harder on the restoration of my habit of blogging daily.  I didn’t last long.  It’s not that it is not on my to do list daily, but it is that it gets shoved to the back.  I need to make it more important and maybe even more urgent as those are the things I tend to accomplish best.

I had all that training in not doing the urgent, but doing the important and even this week in the mail I got an advertisement for Franklin-Covey planners whose system Richard was keenly into.  I have been thinking about getting one and wondering if it would work better for me than my present system which is the mind mapping concept.

I think ithere are some advantages to the Franklin system, but I would miss the empty pages for other information and notes unless the planners are constructed differently that I could see in the advertisement.  I probably need to look on their website to make a good decision.

I realize it is something I need to consider and see if a different system would make a difference in my productivity.  I know there is always room for improvement so I will think about it.

I hope whatever system you use works well for you.

God bless you.



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