January 3

I’ve been thinking a lot about what defines a person.  I have discovered that what you think and what you do defines you and shows others who you really are.  I have come across people who spend their time thinking about their hurts and disappointments and the past and you can expect to hear something about those in any conversation you have with them.  I have come across others who are defined by their complaints and negative criticism of others.  It seems that little gets by them without a comment. I want to be defined as a person who is joyful and happy, whose mind is filled with Christ and who genuinely wants others to be happy too.  To be that person I have to immerse myself in the word of God daily and spend time talking things over with Jesus.  If a day goes by without these two aspects of my life, I can truly expect things to be more difficult and to find myself engaged in conflict.  At home it is pretty easy for me to follow the disciplines of Bible study and prayer.  The times I find it difficult is when I am away from home.  I need to find a rhythm for those times and not let these two disciplines slip through the cracks.  I am always dismayed when they do.

Jesus, I want to be defined by you, to show the fruits of the Spirit every day in every way.  Amen.

I John 4:8; Colossians 1:  28-29


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