January 5

I love stories.  I love to read them.  I love to tell them and I love to find them unexpectedly. I was looking for a good story to use on Three Kings Day today when I came across the story of The Three Camels by Harrison Woodard.  I thought as I read it, wouldn’t it be great to know what animals are thinking?  Remember how shocked Baalam was when his donkey talked to him?  Of course he needed that reprimand from God, and when it came straight from his donkey, it carried a lot of force.  Who knows if animals talk to each other?  Regardless, the important thing for me is that the story conveyed the message of the three kings story in a new and timely way.  I am blessed by the creativity with which God endowed others.  I am blessed by the way that use that creativity to show forth new and different ideas.  Whether or not animals, camels to be exact, can talk is really not important.  What is important is the fact that God used this story to convey his perfect plan in the life of Jesus and that is extremely good news for us.

I love the creativity of others.  Help me to always be thankful for that Lord.  Amen

Psalm 8


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