January 8

The Filipino young women who work at the local grocery store are fond of asking me what I am making when I buy specific ingredients.  Before Christmas they asked if I would give them baking lessons.  Today I told them to come up with a time and something specific they wanted to learn.  One young woman immediately wanted to come tomorrow since it was Saturday.  Then she told me she was leaving for two weeks to visit her mom in Hawaii.  When I asked her what she wanted to learn she immediately told me cinnamon rolls.  I explained that she would have to come tonight as we needed to make the dough ahead of time.  (It must be in the refrigerator eight hours.)  She agreed and showed up at my house with her husband in tow at 5:15.  The dough doesn’t take long to make and we were don in about 20 minutes.  She carefully put the recipe in her phone and made notes.  Her husband was pretty interested in what went on and I found that surprising.  I had known him from high school and it did not occur to me that he would be interested in cooking.  I carefully explained every step to her and she left happy.  What an easy thing for me to do to make someone else happy.  I wonder why I did not think of it earlier.

Thanks for the opportunity to teach others.  It is such a blessing to me.  Amen.

Romans 12:7


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