January 12

As I thought back over the day I realized that I had been battling problems all day.  My out of the box thinking had not produced a solution to my number one problem at the college, new problems concerning students had arisen, and I got a call from a friend telling me of his grandfather’s death just minutes ago.  All in all today had not been a very positive day it seemed.  Then I began to think of the things that had gone right.  I had been able to find some misplaced photo equipment and moved it to a new home.  One of my students with several problems had been encourage by a solution to her assignment that would enable her to do well in the class.  The student working for community service hours was doing a good job cleaning and organizing my classroom at the Christian Center and it gave me time to work with him on much needed additional organization as well.  A friend had a new grandchild to love.

I could have focused on all the things that did not go right today, but I made a specific effort to find the things that had gone well.  The verse in Hebrews 13:8 came to mind.

Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever.

Once again I felt the pull of Scripture as I contemplated the events of the day.  Each day has its ups and downs, but if we concentrate on the ups we will discover that the love of Jesus is always there is give us the encouragement we need and to strengthen our desire to be lights in his world.

Father, thank you for being a constant in my life, for encouraging me through the downs and ups of the day, and for giving me opportunities to encourage others.  Amen

Philippians 2:15


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