January 13

Looking back, I just thought the past few days had been hectic and filled with problems to be solved.  Today topped the list.  It started with one of my Bible study kids telling me his sister had texted me she was not coming to work at the preschool.  I started calling parents and canceling it and then after we prayed, I hurried to the Christian Center to put a sign on the door.  Imagine my surprise when the teacher walked in ready to go.  Apparently her brother was mistaken.  I was glad, but then I had to call those I had called to cancel and tell them it was on again.  Whew!

The day continued non-stop like that until I finally got home at 7:00.  But in the midst of it all I was reminded once again that there is no problem too big for God to handle and I just have to do my part and let Him actually handle it.  I also realized that I was not as prepared as I should be for emergencies like the preschool.  I need to have my own list of names and telephone number ready to use if a problem arises.

Jesus is a rock in a weary land…

I keep a list of Scripture reminders in my phone, but I knew today that I need to keep a Bible on my desk and use it throughout the day.  It is not enough for me to simply be reminded of a verse or two.  I need whole passages when I become flustered.  Yes, I could use the computer, but there is comfort in the actual book so tomorrow I will take one of my Bibles to work with me so I can use it as I need it.  How thankful I am that Jesus is my Rock and that I can rest in Him for whatever comes.

Father thank you for the comfort of knowing no matter what you are there to handle the problems that arise.  Thank you for reminding me again how much you love me.  I love you.  Amen

Psalm 18:31





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