January 19

I use technology every day either at home or at work and usually both.  There are times when I am baffled by where something is and a students is always able to help me.  It’s true that I am a digital immigrant and not a native like the students, but the good thing is that the digital natives, my students, are always ready and eager to find the answer to my problem.  They can help me find most anything and they are always really pleasant about helping me.

Today a young woman had problems finding her document and her fellow student was able to help her recover her lost work in just a matter of minutes.  The best thing was that she was very thankful and appreciative of his help.  In the big scheme of things this does not always happen.  Students help their peers, but their peers do not always seem especially thankful from my perspective.

The student helping also tried admonishing other students to stop minimizing so many documents and websites.  I know this from experience as students I have had in digital photography classes cause themselves a lot of grief by this very process.  Their computers run slower and slower and slower.  It seems they have no regard for ways to make the computer operate more efficiently.

I guess the upshot of all of this is that even in our great digital age, not all is perfect and certainly not all works efficiently and smoothly, but we can do our part to move in this direction.

Father, thanks for people who are knowledgeable and wiling to help those of us who aren’t. Amen.

Hebrews 13:16; Phililppians 2:4



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