January 22

We recently lost our IT person at the college.  This morning I had to have another readiness type of call to fix an error in two of our testing computers.  I thought I was sailing along when I discovered an error.  I called technical support for help and learned several new things about computers.  The tech support person was very patient and helpful and after two hours I had passed the audio compliance portion for the test we want to give in the future.  Now all I have to do is wait for a confirmtion that our site is all set to give tests.

It was a very enlightening morning and thankfully, it all worked well.  The experience definitely showed me that there is a lot more to certain tasks than meets the eye and if you have an open mind and are also willing to ask for help, you can typicaly solve your problems without a huge problem.

God is so good to give me the direction I need and to put people in my path who will help me with the problems that confront me.  I am thankful.

Father, thank you for your enduring care and help and for your direction daily.  Amen.

James 1:5


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