January 24

I was jolted awake this morning at 1:18 and for a minute I was disoriented.  My bed was moving and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Then it hit me, it was an earthquake.  I was surprised at the amount of moving the bed made and it seemed to go on for about a minute.  I didn’t think a lot about it until I got to church this morning and found out that it was a huge earthquake, 7.2 which is even higher than the one that hit Anchorage in 1964.   Reports are far less damage and I suspect that is because it was not centered in a very populated area.

According to my son, folks in Kansas had wild ideas about the earthquake.  He told them he would check with me for better details.

It is interesting the way communication works these days.  One woman got a call from her husband in Texas who was alerted to the quake by hunting friends whose wife had called from Alaska.  Others got information from the news.

The really good thing is that I haven’t heard of a lot of damage to property or to lives.  Of course it will take a few days to get that figured out, but for now we can be thankful for this initial report.

Moving here from California, I am used to earthquakes.  Whether it is an earthquake, a blizzard, a tornado or a hurricane, these things are in God’s hands and there is little we can do except to trust him.  I am so thankful for this as it takes the element of worry away which is a huge blessing.

Father, I am so thankful that all things are in your power and control and that there is no need for me to worry or to fret.  Thank you for keeping me safe.  Amen.

Psalm 37:5-6


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