January 25

I stand corrected.  The 1964 earthquake in Alaska registered 9.2 on the Richter Scale.  The site I got my information from was incorrect.  Who knows where they got their information.  I think we tend to think what we read on the Internet is correct when actually it is just like magazines and newspapers, it is not always right.  It is good to be reminded of this.

I remember clearly how my junior high language arts students told me a particular store sign in my community was right when it broke the rules of possessives.  I could never convince them I was right even when they had a quiz.  They told me I was wrong.  Obviously to them seeing it in print so to speak made all the difference.

It seems that we are all like this to a degree.  We see something and we think it is correct only to find out later than it was not correct after all.  We need to be diligent in getting our information and facts straight and we need to remember that only God is right and ever errs.

Thanks for the reminder.

Father, let me never take my eyes off of the one true right answer.  Amen. 

Proverts 24:26


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