January 31

Today I read a verse in the Bible that gave me pause.

Look to the Lord and to his strength.
    Always look to him.

I look to the Lord, but it seems like it is mostly in prayer for requests, not to praise him.  I realized when I read this verse that I need to spend a lot more time looking to the Lord for his strength and to praise him for his mighty wonder and grace.

I read a commentary about this verse that helped me understand just how important it is for my relationship with God to look to him in praise and worship him throughout the day.  I told someone not long ago how important it was for me to worship weekly with other believers, but I need to make daily worship just as important.  I need to spend that time with God just magnifying his name and his goodness.

There is so much majesty and beauty all around me that I should be reminded minute by minute of the Lord’s wonderful love and goodness to me and of his grace and mercy.

I know better than to just ask for things I want even if it is for others.  I need to simply bask in the beauty of the Lord and drink in his love and show my faith to him.

By keeping this reminder before me I want to do just that.

Father, I l0ve you and want to please you more than anything.  You are wonderful and worthy of glory and honor all of my days.  Let me praise you.  Amern

I Chronicles 16:11


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