February 3

We always show a Bible video at Good News Kids and Kids of the Kingdom and each one always includes a song.  I have a big rule about the kids sitting still and watching the video, but these two little girls invariably jump up and dance around.  I keep reminding them to sit down, but this week a change occurred.  They sat perfectly still until the music came on and then they jumped up and danced around the room.  Then wonder of wonders they sat back down and watched the rest of the video.

I can tell they are really growing up.  The music is really pretty irresistible and I can see how the kids want to get up and move around.  The part that I never expected was that the girls would sit back down and finish the video.

Sometimes I see where the music and the song really fit it and other times it seems a little contrived.  I have always been unable to figure out why every kids Bible video has to have a song. There are times when they just seem not to fit.

I am excited about how the kids are growing and how the music excites them.  What a sweet blessing.

Father, thank you for unexpected blessings and for evidence of your plan for our lives.  Amen

Jeremiah 17:7-8

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