February 4

Today I had a new experience.  During the Sociology quiz I heard a sound that resembled thunder.  Since this is a very rare occurrence in my community, I looked out the window and thought I might see lightning.  No, just lots of rain.  Then I heard it again.  It was louder.  This time all 16 heads swiveled up from the quiz and looked out the window.  I said I thought it was thunder and all the kids thought the same thing.  Actually it was the combined sound of the rain and the wind on the high school roof.  It was amazing how much it sounded like thunder.

God has made so many wonderful sounds and experiences for us to enjoy and it is great for each of us to be a part of that world.  And you never know when you will hear a new sound and discover what made it.

Of course we can’t forget that no sound means snow.  I listen for it every morning.

Father, thanks for sounds and for no sound too.  I love all of your sounds and the quiet.  Amen

Genesis 1:1-31


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