February 6

Surprises!  I love surprises and yesterday and today I have had so many it is hard to take them all in.  Last night at the community variety show for the yearly Iceworm Festival I received my first surprise when I was called on stage to be given the Citizen of the Year award.  The surprise continued when a friend read the winning letter she wrote about me and said that a person I know, but not well, had called and told her to write it.  I was also surprised by all the things people said about me.  I would have expected them to say “cinnamon rolls,” when they first hear my name.  (That brought a laugh from the audience.)

The surprises continued after the program was over and people came up to me and told me how deserving I was and how they wondered why I had not received the award before this.

I was told I was going to be the Grand Marshall of the parade and ride in a car which turned out to be a very nice truck today.  As we rolled down the street and my driver rolled the windows down, I waved to people on both sides of the street.  I was very surprised to hear all the clapping and shouting from people I know.  All in all it was a very special and very surprising event.

My pastor had told people including my own children that the award was imminent and amazingly not one person who knew and there were many leaked the secret.  I am glad, because I would not have wanted to know in advance.

I felt very honored and loved and had a wonderful evening and day today.  I am thankful for such a caring community of friends.

Father, thank you for surprises and for the fun they entail.  Thank you for such a loving, caring community of friends and neighbors.  Amen.

Romans 12:9-13




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